idea, camera,
sound, editing:

filmed on 16mm 

3 min.

utopiana (Genève)

currently in production

Digging up past images is literally the first thing we see at the beginning of Anna Marziano’s Tutto Qui, as she takes a buried roll of film from the soil. The results of that roll will make an appearance but Marziano points the camera downwards, to the worms and the earth on which they live, a sort of permanent being, always transforming regardless, but most probably because of the times. We see old pictures of immigrants and agricultural workers, a visual testament of human resistance.
A film totally permeated by the pandemic, which is never mentioned yet is ever present, Tutto Qui is a quick poem to the act of resisting. Visualizing the future through the unearthing of the past, an almost reflection materializes. We should go back. Back to the worms, back to the earth. Even the film itself”.*

Francisco Rojas - Chute Film Coop

*“back---forward”... decarbonization depatricalization decolonization (a.m.)



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